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Honda Accord Mk2 83 > 85 Manual Steering Rack

Lion Automotive Part Number: 1160.0028

Manual Steering Racks (Non Assisted Steering) (11)

The steering rack consists of a main rack shaft and pinion. The pinion shaft is attached to the vehicle steering wheel Via a Universal Joint and column. This type of steering rack is used with older non assisted steering systems and is still in use today with some motor sport applications

How it Works 

The steering rack is completely mechanical in itself. This is a non-assisted steering system and so is Independent and without any auxiliary components and simply allows for directional transfer via the steering wheel and column.

  • Remanufactured to OE standards
  • Complete strip down and Rebuild
  • All Gaiters and bushes replaced
  • Rack bars inspected and replaced or reworked if necessary
  • Bench Tested & Safety Inspected
  • 3-year part only warranty

Warranty Terms and conditions: These are generic for all our products and may not refer to your unit

  1. Damage caused during installation will not be covered.
  2. Installation procedures followed where required. (Installation guides available from our Tech Centre.)
  3. The Hydraulic steering System must have been flushed and cleaned prior to installation (Flushing procedure available in our Tech Centre)
  4. The steering rack must have been installed and mounted correctly. Particulate care with threads when connecting hydraulic pipes.
  5. Only Hydraulic fluid recommended by the Vehicles Manufacturer must be used.
  6. The steering rack must be returned as it was supplied complete and without damage or missing components.
  7. All electronic connectors must have been located correctly. Forced Plugs can damage the pins making the Product Useless.

Despite these conditions we will always work with a customer who has had an installation problem and our Priority is getting you safely and happily back on the road.

Free Next Day UK Mainland Delivery on all orders.