Surcharge units must be returned complete and not disassembled. The acceptance criteria for a surcharged returned old unit is that it must be in a serviceable condition and suitable for re-manufacture. The main cause of rejection of surcharge units is corrosion usually caused by water damage though there are also many other causes. Once a surcharge is returned it is inspected for suitability and if accepted then the surcharge will be refunded by the same means it was paid. If the unit is rejected then you will be contacted by a member of our office staff who will report the findings. Surcharge Units are not returned unless the customer wishes to pay the return shipping cost which varies dependent on the item. 

Surcharges are our means of stock control and price management. To maintain the best sales prices in Europe the surcharges are critical because if we had to purchase a steering rack for every order than these core prices would need to be added to the sales price.  

Hope this helps you understand the process a little better.

Best Regards